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Here's a handful of our student's results from our programs:

DISCLAIMER: These are REAL people with REAL results. No one is EVER compensated in any way for what they write and please keep in mind: These are all people with tremendous work ethic, who were very coachable and followed through. In no way, shape or form am I promising that your results will look like theirs. Results vary on many factors.


$200k Per Month - Fitness Business Coach​


Now At 6 Figures/Month - E-com Coach


Multi 7-Figure Biz Owner - Agency, Agency Coaching & SaaS


7-Figure Solar Coaching Biz

"Peter has helped me triple the
results in my business"

Boz Johnson, Solar Entrepreneur

Track record: 14+ years in business & 1000's of happy customers

Started at 11 years old

Every year I design & become
an upgraded version of myself

2 x two comma club winner

1000s applied to work with us, helped
over 300+ private clients so far

By 19 made my first million (ad agency)

1000+ ad accounts we've overseen

2nd 7-figure business I built (courses)

Video proof because many "gurus" fake screenshots out there

Example happy client that stayed for years

Spoke on stages in US, EU & Africa

#1 amazon best seller

Investor of CityGala - a philanthropic event/cause